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Nambe Menorah by Nambe
Available for order now!
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Nambe Menorah
by Nambe
Price: $160.00
Celebrate the eight-day festival of Hanukkah with the newest edition to the Nambe Judaica line. This robust commemorative piece in Nambe's signature metal holds the traditional nine candles (8 for the eight days that the original oil miraculously burned and another, the shammus, used to light each candle after reciting the day’s blessing) and will bring light, honor, and grace to any room. Because this handcrafted piece is imminently beautiful and useful, you might want it to be the centerpiece for your table all year long. Hold candles that are 3/8'' in diameter.
By Nambe
Dimensions: 12.5'' (w) x 3'' (d) x 7.5'' (h)
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