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Passover Seder Plate - 'Had Gadya' Seder Plate by Tzuki Studio
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Passover Seder Plate - 'Had Gadya' Seder Plate
by Tzuki Studio
Price: $550.00 Free Ground Shipping
"Had Gadya," or "One Little Goat," is a song often sung at a Passover Seder. Although sung playfully, it can be quite scary if you really listen to the words. There's fire and animals eating one another. This Seder plate served as sublimation for the artist. The goats are happy and so is everyone else around them. What a wonderful way to celebrate freedom at the Passover Seder!

The piece comes with six removable glass bowls for the 6 traditional foods to be placed within them.
Judaica meets pop-art! A graduate of Technion Israel Institute of Technology, designer Shay Peled offers spirituality with a humorous touch at Tzuki Studio. Tzuki Art’s original artwork includes a wide range of contemporary Judaica and pop art artifacts. Tzuki's simple and colorful lines are easily recognizable by their fans around the world.

In Tzuki Art collection, Peled demonstrates his approach to art as a way to make people smile and warm their hearts. Located in Tel Aviv, Tzuki Art supports the local community by providing various non-profit organizations with opportunities to conduct therapeutic work in the studio.
By Tzuki Studio
Dimensions: 27" (W) x 10" (H) x 4 3/4" (D) approx
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