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Challah Board Gourd & Vine by Michael Aram
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Challah Board / Cheese Board Gourd & Vine
by Michael Aram
Price: $225.00 Free Ground Shipping
Gourds are often seen as a symbol of abundance and bounty; plentiful offerings from our beautiful earth. The Michael Aram Gourd & Vine Collection is a celebration of that symbolism, but moreover, is a portrayal of the quirky, unexpected, almost peculiar shapes for which these fruits are known. Made by using a 17th century process called "repousée", a French term meaning "to push back", the pieces in this collection are created with the most advanced and complex handwork techniques available.

"I've always loved the shapes of fruits and vegetables because they seem like natural serving vessels, gifts from nature, full of the promise of nourishment."

Bright Copperplate, Rosewood, Stainless Steel
By Michael Aram
Dimensions: 8.5" high x 17.5" long
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