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Tambourine - Moon Sailor by Betsy Teutsch
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Tambourine - Moon Sailor - 6"
by Betsy Teutsch
Price: $65.00
The Moon Sailor Tambourine by Betsy Teutsch salutes and celebrates our newest generation of Jewish women. Pursuing their goals with passion, determination and grace, they are confidently navigating ambitious journeys in uncharted waters. May they lead us to new and wonderful places!

Lekhi Lakh is the feminine form of God's command to Abraham to literally, "Go, yourself", to leave his home to meet his destiny. Here it is whimsically - yet accurately - translated as "You Go, Girl!".

Manufactured by Remo, a drum company trusted by professional musicians for over 50 years, these tambourines are high-quality musical instruments.
By Betsy Teutsch
Dimensions: 6"
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