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Tree of Life Oxidized with Gold Bronze Menorah by Nelles Studios
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Tree of Life Hanukkah Menorah in Oxidized Bronze
by Nelles Studios
Price: $225.00 Free Ground Shipping
Elegant bronze menorah made by Nelles Studios.

For nature-inspired decorative objects and animals, Scott Nelles usually sculpts his original images out of soft modeling wax. For pieces that require a high degree of precision and hard lined surfaces - such as the toys - he uses a variety of materials including plastic, hard styling clays, metal or wood to create his original model. Once satisfied with the form, Scott then makes a series of molds of the original piece until a permanent pattern, called a match plate, is then used to make multiple sand molds into which molten bronze is poured at 2150 degrees. Once cool, the rough casting is separated from the sand and then cut, ground, sandblasted, tumbled and polished to a rich patina finish.
By Nelles Studio
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