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Floral Bouquet Mezuzah M205-W by S.D. Cooper
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This sterling silver mezuzah is perfect to encase the glass broken pieces from the Jewish Wedding Ceremony. Embellished with a bouquet of Sterling Silver flowers on top this piece by artist S.D. Cooper is ideal to preserve the glass shards.

The price of this mezuzah does not include the price of a Kosher Parchment.

Please note: This is a do-it-yourself Mezuzah. You will replace the decorative sample glass in the Mezuzah with your own glass shards, seal it, and mount it on your doorpost. Specific instructions are included with the item.
By S.D Cooper
Floral Bouquet Mezuzah M205-W
by S.D. Cooper
Price: $190.00 Free Ground Shipping
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Would you like to add a glass to your order?
The prices below are available only if glass is purchased in combination with a custom wedding glass piece.

Check the box if you would like to include a hand-scribed parchment scroll for an additional $30. Leave unchecked if you would like a scroll printed on paper at no additional charge.