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Mary Jurek
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Helyx Candleholders with Knot by Mary Jurek
Helyx Candleholders with Knot 10"
by Mary Jurek

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Mary Jurek founded Mary Jurek Design, Inc. in 1998 after winning international awards and working as jewelry and watch artiste designing for notable brands including Piaget, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Wako of Tokyo, Gubelin of Switzerland, and Gump’s of San Francisco.

Today, Jurek is a successful social entrepreneur and business owner residing in the greater Los Angeles area. Using her past experience working with stainless steel to guide her burgeoning luxury tableware and home design company, it is clear that she has developed a unique line of products that reflect both her personal and professional preferences: organic and unadorned yet beautiful in the most classic sense of the word.

In addition to her craftsmanship, a great majority of Jurek’s time is spent scouting female-owned factories in economically underdeveloped areas where her company can make a positive social impact through creating jobs for local villagers, particularly the oft exploited young women. For Jurek, the paradox of her primitive, individually hand-welded products juxtaposed with modern-day luxury living is the ultimate expression of her artistic vision.