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Pamela Feldman-Hill
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Decorative Tablets Ketubah by Pamela Feldman-Hill
ACC #2 Ketubah by Pamela Feldman-Hill
ACC #2 Ketubah
by Pamela Feldman-Hill

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Pamela Feldman-Hill is an internationally known artist. Her love of Judaism and art combine in the creation of ketubot which she has been creating since the late 70's. Pamela holds advanced degrees in art from The Ohio State University, and her paintings, prints and Ketubot have been exhibited extensively throughout the United States. Hallmark Cards has reproduced Pamela's work, and she is also a published author. She has taught music, dance, art, Hebrew and Jewish studies, including art courses at The Ohio State University and Ohio Dominican College, and has widely presented a lecture series she developed on issues in Jewish Art History. Pamela Feldman-Hill loves pattern and vibrant color, and enjoys utilizing her knowledge of art history and Judaism within her works.