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Zeesi Paltrowitz
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Jerusalem artist Zeesi offers a collection of ketubot that are vivid true color prints almost virtually indistinguishable from the original painting.  Before making aliyah she worked as a textile designer in New York. Her work reflects this with lush decorative flower patterns.  She often includes scenes from the layered hills of Jerusalem dotted with olive groves.

Zeesi's artworks are reproduced through the giclee fine art printing process. Giclee (pronounced "gee-clay") comes from the French word, "fine spray".  Images are high resolution digital scans printed with archival quality inks that are produced by the application of millions of tiny ink droplets sprayed onto fine art paper.  The archival based inks used are specially formulated so that the fine print heads spray droplets at a resolution of 1200 dpi.  The media used is also of archival grade to last 100 to 200 years.  The visual quality of the print is extremely high and the color saturation and definition stunning.  Since printing is of “photo quality” the quality of the print’s appearance is directly related to the quality of the image provided.  We offer giclee prints on both paper and claf (parchment).  Please note:  Prices listed on Gallery Judaica's website are for Zeesi's ketubot printed on paper only.  If you wish to purchase one of Zeesi's ketubot on claf (parchment), please contact Gallery Judaica for additional pricing.