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Rummel - Everitt
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About Michelle ''Shell'' Rummel:
Michelle ''Shell'' Rummel is a preeminent Ketubah artist who is known for her exceptionally designed Ketubot that embody the journey of life and love. Well known for her unique, clean style, an artist's eye for color, texture and form, and a gift for poetic wordplay, Shell enjoys a loyal following not only for her Ketubot but also for her award-winning fine art which can often be found exhibited at juried shows, as well as in personal and corporate art collections. Celebrating the joy of color and creation, Shell's distinctive designs appeal to modern couples desiring a Ketubah as unique as their love. Her contemporary design style and one-of-a-kind poetic texts bring a fresh, creative vision to the traditional world of Judaic art.

About Nolan Everitt:
Nolan Everitt Designs has created singularly distinct ketubah pieces, which focus primarily on exquisite ketubah framing, rather than on lithographed wedding art. From quiet elegance to contemporary whimsy, this creative team continues to design Jewish wedding ketubot and framed wedding vows with compelling personality, depth and significance.