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Mezuzahs - Shop By Brand
What we often call a "mezuzah" is actually a mezuzah case, which holds a parchment prayer scroll, handwritten with two sections of Deuteronomy, known as the "Shema." The mezuzah is fastened on the outside of the door post and usually on the right hand side as one enters. It should be within the upper third of the doorway, and hung diagonally with the top of the case leaning into the house. The bottom leans toward the outside. It can also be fastened vertically if the door post is not wide enough.

The laws that apply to the writing of the Torah also apply to the writing of a mezuzah scroll -- a scribe uses a kosher quill and black ink prepared from vegetable ingredients and hand-writes the passage on parchment.

Mezuzah parchments are sold separately.

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