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Lola James
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Romi Sarif, 29, was born in born in Cape Town, South Africa and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Romi’s beginnings in accessories began as early as high school where she took jewelry-making classes and continued to study at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). After moving to Miami, Romi spent 3 years managing a trendy local boutique. A loyal dog owner to her Cavapoo she named her jewelry line after her beloved pooch, Lola James.
Allyson Rieger Papunen, 33, was born and raised in upstate New York and is Romi’s partner in Lola James Jewelry. After graduating from Boston University, Allyson moved to New York City and took her first job as an Accessories Buyer for Kenneth Cole. She moved to South Beach once she married her college sweetheart and took jewelry-making courses on Miami Beach.

After working independently for a few years in the jewelry world, the designers decided, like earrings, things were so much better in pairs. Gently nudged by both good timing and great karma, Lola James Jewelry was created in October 2009. The duo, much like their dazzling designs, are a rare a combination of talent, good taste and old-fashioned chutzpah.
Romi and Allyson possess a knack for knowing their clients’ wants and needs — incredible jewelry that doesn’t break the bank. Lola James Jewelry is a collection of gold-filled, vermeil and sterling silver jewelry for the “girl who has everything.” Think delicate necklaces enhanced with charms and beaded stretch bracelets punctuated by pave crystals.
The idea behind Lola James Jewelry is for its bearer to feel as pretty as their tantalizing trinkets.