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Further Reading on Ketubahs and Jewish Gifts

Judaica Art and Jewish Wedding Gift Items

Shalom! Welcome to Gallery Judaica, where you can find the best in contemporary Judaica art and Jewish wedding gift items. Our online Jewish gift store is the place to purchase an elegant Jewish wedding ketubah, mezuzah for your home , Hanukkah menorah, tallit, Passover Seder plate, Shabbat candlesticks, and many other exquisite pieces of fine Judaica art. Whether you need a Jewish wedding gift, Bar-Mitzvah or Bat-Mitzvah gift, or a Jewish gift for yourself, Gallery Judaica is your Judaica art store.

Beautify Your Jewish Celebrations

Give someone the Jewish gift of a Hanukkah menorah made from fused glass and metal, mixed metals, or pewter with hand-painted enamel. Purchase Jewish Wedding Gift items like sterling silver Kiddush cups for Shabbat or Judaica art for your home. Make a Bat- or Bar-Mitzvah celebration more special with a Tzedakah box, Shabbat candlesticks or mezuzah. Gallery Judaica's selection of chuppah canopies are an ideal place to begin exploring our Jewish wedding canopies and other Jewish wedding necessities and Jewish wedding gift ideas.

Learn About Our Jewish Ceremonial Objects

Gallery Judaica also offers informative Judaica articles to guide you through our site. Read our Jewish Wedding Guide to learn about the Judaica art and ceremonial objects you will need for your Jewish wedding. Gift giving on Hanukkah can be more meaningful when you learn about the menorah, the dreidel and the history of Hanukkah. Meet some of our favorite ketubah artists and see their work in our online ketubah article, or enhance your purchase of a craft mezuzah by reading our "How to Hang a Mezuzah" Judaica art instruction page. You can even prepare yourself for next spring with our overview of the Jewish holiday of Passover, which explains the many elements of the Passover Seder.

Custom Art From Your Broken Wedding Glass

As one of the joys of being Jewish, broken wedding glass can be incorporated into a stunning piece of Judaica art. See our Shardz section to find out about wedding glasses for breaking, broken wedding glass mezuzah art, Kiddush cups, picture frames, menorahs, and other elegant custom Jewish wedding products.

Thank you for visiting Gallery Judaica. Enjoy exploring our Judaica art and Jewish wedding gift gallery.

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